Becca Webb is a freelance choreographer currently

based in Salt Lake City


Specializing in modern and contemporary works as well as ballet, musical theater and jazz, Becca believes dance and choreography are the most powerful forms of expression as it is natural to every person.

Dance allows for communication and understanding no matter where you’re from or what you’ve been through.

Choreography is my outlet,

my voice, and my art.



Utah Ballet Showcase

Houston Dance Month

New Century Dance Project

Sugar Space Sample Tracks


RAW Artists

Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP)

Houston Repertoire Ballet

University of Utah Student Concert


Ballet Center of Houston Choreography Project


Accepted into RDA National Choreography Intensive- Choreographer

Glenda Brown Choreography Project- Choreographer

University of Utah- pursuing a BA in Choreography

Modern Senior Concert Choreographer

University of Utah Student Concert Committee Member

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Produced and Created by Becca Webb